Tax free donations

Donating with a tax benefit

FELIDA Big Cat Centre offers a new and safe future for lions, tigers and other big cats that were discarded from circuses, neglected zoos and private property. In order to take continued good take care of them, it is important to know what support we can count on for a longer period of time. A periodic donation with tax benefit gives us this certainty and offers you the opportunity to donate more for the same amount for at least 5 calendar years. Because FOUR PAWS has an ANBI-status, these periodic donations are tax-deductible.


The conditions are:

– you have recorded the gift by means of a private record ("onderhandse akte");

– you regularly donate an amount (at least once a year);

– the amounts are always (approximately) the same.

Lion brother Terez and Masoud are always together.
© FOUR PAWS | Jeanine Noordermeer

Thanks to our ANBI-status, FOUR PAWS does not have to pay taxes for donations.


A periodic donation with tax benefit can be arranged without the intervention of a civil law notary, which means you also prevent the corresponding costs. All you have to do is fill out this document from the tax authorities, print two copies, sign and send them to us


If you wish, FOUR PAWS will arrange a collection of your donation.



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