TIERART Big Cat Centre

Rescue and rehabilitation

TIERART is a 14-hectare rescue centre in Germany for tigers and local wildlife in need. In 2014 the rescue centre became part of the FOUR PAWS organisation after a partnership was started with the founders. In 2015 three tiger enclosures were constructed to provide a safe and species-appropriate living environment for tigers rescued from circuses and private property by FOUR PAWS.


TIERART policy dictates that breeding and trading of wild animals is strictly forbidden. TIERART does not only offer a permanent home to rescued tigers, but also to many wild animals that are native in the region. These animals are rescued from the wild when they are still too young to take care of themselves or because they are injured. The animals are rehabilitated and prepared to be brought back to the wild. An exception applies to raccoons which can legally not be released back in Germany.

TIERART offers a home for rescued tigers.

Living conditions

FOUR PAWS has rescued all animals kept at TIERART and provides them with living conditions that fit with their natural needs. The guidelines and the design of their environment offers:

  • Spacious enclosures with climbing structures and swimming water for the tigers;
  • Encouragement of natural behaviour through enrichment;
  • The possibility for the animals to withdraw;
  • A high level of medical care;
  • High safety standards of the fences.

Tigress Cara enjoys the snow.


TIERART is opened for visitors and organises guided tours on regular visitor days.


For more information about TIERART you can visit the website or Facebook page.



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