Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife

A natural home

Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife is a 140-hectare reserve in Jordan for rescued big cats and other wild animals. In the summer of 2016 the sanctuary was built in a partnership between FOUR PAWS and the Princess Alia Foundation in Jordan. In the sanctuary abused and neglected wild animals, such as lions, tigers, wolves, hyenas and bears, find a species-appropriate new home in a natural environment.

Lioness Dana was saved from a war-torn Syrian zoo and is now safe in Al Ma'wa.
© Al Ma'wa

Living conditions

A number of the wild animals kept in Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife were rescued by FOUR PAWS and now provided with living conditions that fit with their natural needs. The guidelines and the design of their environment offer:

  • A large natural area for the animals with structures and vegetation that suit the species;
  • Spacious enclosures with climbing structures and swimming water for the tigers;
  • Encouragement of natural behaviour through enrichment;
  • The possibility for the animals to withdraw into natural vegetation;
  • A high level of medical care;
  • High safety standards of the fences.

FELIDA animal caretaker Juno prepares tigers Sultan and Sayeeda in Al Ma'wa for their transfer to FELIDA.
© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin


Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife is not yet opened to visitors.


More information about Al Ma'wa can be found on the website and Facebook page.



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