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FELIDA Big Cat Centre is a project of FOUR PAWS International. The vision of FOUR PAWS is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding. Our mission is to be the strong, global and independent voice for animals under human control:

•    Creating sustainable solutions for animals in need.
•    Touching hearts, changing consumer behaviour.
•    Driving legal change.
•    Building powerful partnerships.

FOUR PAWS is an international animal welfare organisation with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Founded by Helmut Dungler in 1988, the organisation pleads for animal welfare through sustainable campaigns and projects. The work is based on substantiated research and scientific expertise as well as intensive national and international lobbying. FOUR PAWS focuses on animals, that are directly under human control: stray dogs and stray cats, laboratory animals, farm animals, wild animals and companion animals but also bears, big cats and orangutans kept in inappropriate housing.


With offices in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA, FOUR PAWS directly and quickly aims to help animals in need. 


For more information about FOUR PAWS you can visit the website or Facebook page.

FOUR PAWS for big cats

For long-term solutions for animals in need, FOUR PAWS has several sanctuaries and centres for the rescue and care for different animal species. For big cats these are:
- FELIDA Big Cat Centre in the Netherlands;

- TIERART Big Cat Centre in Germany;

- LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.


In addition, FOUR PAWS cooperates with partner organisations. In Jordan FOUR PAWS runs the Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife sanctuary in cooperation with the Princess Alia Foundation. Here, rescued wild animals including lions, tigers and bears can find a suitable new home.



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