Working at FELIDA

FELIDA provides an opportunity to gain experience with various aspects of big cat care in a professional environment and a great team of colleagues. Because FELIDA is difficult to reach by public transport, it is important to have your own transport to the rescue centre. Employees and volunteers need to be at least 18 years old.


The team of employees at FELIDA.
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What to expect?

Responsibilities of animal keepers include:

  • Cleaning: this includes cleaning the enclosures and removing food scraps, cleaning the work environment and pointing out necessary repairs to the enclosures.
  • Feeding the animals: this includes feed preparation.
  • Caring for the animals: this includes recognising changes in behaviour of the animals and/or the hierarchy of the group, recognising external abnormalities in the animal as well as making and providing enrichment materials and checking if these are being used.


Working in animal care means you will be cleaning for about 60% of the time. It is physically hard work. We expect you to be motivated and disciplined and willing to work weekends and on public holidays. Big cats are dangerous, so you must adhere to a lot of guidelines and safety rules.


Do you want to work at our rescue centre as an animal keeper or volunteer? Send your resume with cover letter motivating your application to FOUR PAWS. Provide personal information as well as education and relevant working experience. Please state in which period and for how many hours you are available. Send your resume and motivation letter to:



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