Our tigers

Rhadja & Dehli

Bengal tigers Rhadja and Dehli were born in 2001 in a necessitous German zoo, where they were not suckled by their mother, but by a dog. When the owner stopped feeding his animals in 2010, a German animal welfare organisation came into action and made sure Rhadja and Dehli were brought to Nijeberkoop. Rhadja has a reputation as sometimes he scares Dehli and he is clear about not liking cameras. Dehli is friendly and playful, she loves playing with enrichment and with Rhadja. 


Caruso was born in a German safari park in 2006 and taken to a circus where he was hand-raised. In 2008, when he was only two years old, he was brought to Nijeberkoop. He is an impressive but friendly and playful tiger. He greets his caretakers and visitors by 'chuffing' to them, a tiger greeting sound. Soon, we will bring Caruso to LIONSROCK.



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