Our tigers in LIONSROCK


Caruso was born in a German safari park in 2006 and taken to a circus where he was hand-raised. In 2008, when he was only two years old, he was brought to Nijeberkoop. Thanks to the care at FELIDA Caruso developed into a friendly and playful tiger. He underwent several dental surgeries and recovered well. In March 2019 Caruso was transfered to LIONSROCK, where he got a more spacious enclosure to enjoy.

Cromwell & Juno

Tigers Cromwell and Juno were born in 2000 in a zoo in Great Britain. In 2002 they were brought to Nijeberkoop, where they had two litters. Four of the tigers from these litters were still in Nijeberkoop when FOUR PAWS took over the centre. In 2015, Cromwell and Juno and their four descendants were transfered to LIONSROCK, where they were given more space. The tigers adapted well to their new environment. Unfortunately, two years later, in 2017, we had to say goodbye to Cromwell. Juno stayed behind and can fortunately still enjoy the company of her son Raspoetin, who lives next to her.


Tiger Raspoetin is the oldest son of Cromwell and Juno. He was born in Nijeberkoop in 2004 and lived there until shortly after his 11th birthday. In 2015 FOUR PAWS brought him, together with his parents and younger brothers and sister, to LIONSROCK – a long journey for a tiger who spent his entire life in Nijeberkoop! Since then, Raspoetin has been enjoying his one-hectare enclosure and his large private swimming pool. His enclosure is adjacent to the enclosure where his mother Juno lives and he can also see his younger brothers and sister, who have their own place nearby.

Rafik, Mirza & Zita

Tigers Rafik (photo), Mirza and Zita are the youngest sons and daughter of Cromwell and Juno. They were born in Nijeberkoop in 2009 and lived there for more than five years. In 2015 FOUR PAWS brought them to LIONSROCK, together with their parents and older brother. Although the journey and their new living environment were an intense experience for them, the triplets quickly got used to their new life. Soon after they enjoyed their space to play, run, swim, sleep and romp like siblings.



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