Our lions in LIONSROCK


Lion Giovanni was born in Italy in 2003, where he was used for pictures on the beach. At some point during his young life he lost his tail, and at the age of only one year he ended up in Nijeberkoop. When FOUR PAWS found him there in a small enclosure amongst the other lions, he was a frustrated and unhappy animal. After the departure of six other lions to LIONSROCK, Giovanni was given the space, time and care to relax more and feel more confident. This worked out and helped him developed positively. At the end of 2015, FOUR PAWS had the opportunity to transfer Giovanni to spacious LIONSROCK. Nowadays he is a strong and self-assured lion. Since 2018 he enjoys the company of Nora, a lioness who moved from FELIDA to LIONSROCK in 2014.

Kongo & Neida

Lions Kongo, Neida and Nora were born in 2003 in a zoo in Switzerland. In 2012 they ended up in Nijeberkoop where they unfortunately had far too little space. That is why in 2014 they were amongst the first six animals that made the journey from FELIDA to LIONSROCK. There, the brother and two sisters were released in a one-hectare enclosure where they showed how stubborn cats can be: Nora was expelled from the group. Now Kongo and Neida live together and Nora lives in another enclosure, together with Giovanni, who moved from FELIDA to LIONSROCK later.


Nora, born in 2003 in a Swiss zoo, was brought to LIONSROCK in 2014 by FOUR PAWS, together with her brother Kongo and her sister Neida. There, the trio proved how stubborn cats can be: Nora was expelled from the group. Luckily Nora did not stay behind alone, and since 2018 she is accompanied by lion Govanni, who moved from FELIDA to LIONSROCK in 2015.

Pregan & Simba

Lions Pregan and Simba were born in a German zoo in 2007 and ended up in Nijeberkoop in 2012. Pregan had an unusual appearance: because he had been neutered, he lost his manes and at a first glance looked like a very big lioness. In Nijeberkoop the brother and sister belonged to a group of lions that did not have enough space at their disposal and they were therefore the first animals to travel from Nijeberkoop to LIONSOCK in 2014. They enjoyed their time in the African sun, but in 2017 we had to unfortunately say farewell to Simba relatively early.


Lioness Gypsy was born in 2001 in a neglected Romanian zoo. The lioness had severe deformations and fused knee joints. In 2009 she was brought to Nijeberkoop and in 2014 FOUR PAWS transfered her to LIONSROCK. There she got an enclosure in the special care unit. She adjusted well to her new life in LIONSROCK where the climate was beneficial for her joints. Nevertheless, already two years later, in 2016, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Gypsy.



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