The policy of FELIDA is to promote animal protection, offer solutions for big cats in need, execute and/or support scientific research and in general do everything that helps improve animal welfare in the broadest sense of the word.

Animals are provided with enrichment on a daily basis to stimulate their natural instincts.
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  • Offering (temporary) intake and care for big cats from zoos, circuses and private captivity.
  • Rehoming animals to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary (a FOUR PAWS project in South Africa).
  • Taking permanent care of animals that cannot be transported to LIONSROCK.
  • Doing research into the optimization of animal welfare for big cats in captive conditions.
  • Providing information and education to the public.


Unfortunately our work is still indispensable, as the welfare of big cats is very often compromised. Some examples:

  • Many big cats such as lions and tigers are still kept in cruel conditions in circuses. They are confined to small cages, are constantly on the road and have to endure stressful trainings and shows. 
  • In Eastern Europe big cats usually live in cruel conditions in small enclosures. Money and knowledge to improve their conditions is lacking.
  • In many countries big cats are popular pets. Practically none of the private owners have the necessary knowledge, resources or space to offer these animals a suitable environment. Big cats demand specific requirements regarding enclosure design, hiding space, room to move, food and social structure.

In many Eastern European zoos lions are kept in small concrete cages.


The board of the FELIDA foundation consists of:

  • Helmut Dungler (chairman)
  • Ioana Dungler (general board member)
  • Helma van de Vondevoort (general board member)


The board members do not receive remuneration for their work. 

Personnel and organisation

The FELIDA personnel consists of a fulltime manager with a lot of experience in the intake and care for wild animals, and three part-time animal caretakers with a relevant education. All personnel was employed after the takeover by FOUR PAWS International.


The team is supported by a group of very involved and experienced volunteers. External experts support FELIDA for activities related to the design and maintenance of facilities, safety of the centre and medical health care for the animals.

Adequately educated staff provide professional animal care.
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We can accomplish our goals by:

  • Offering direct rescue and care for animals in need.
  • Working together with authorities.
  • Involving the public by providing information and education.
  • Sharing our knowledge.

Main activities

  • Improvement of animal welfare with individual monitoring, medical care, training and enrichment programs.
  • Development of quality standards in regard to management, animal welfare, facilities, safety, hygiene, infrastructure, communication and education.
  • Research into future development for the FELIDA Big Cat Centre with a focus on special care for traumatized big cats.
  • Education and information sharing during visitor days, presentations and via online platforms.



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