FELIDA Big Cat Centre is one of the wild animal sanctuaries belonging to the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS International. We take care of big cats that were rescued from poor conditions in private captivity, circuses and zoos. The facility is located in Nijeberkoop, a small village in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

Tiger Rhadja
© VIER VOETERS | Jeanine Noordermeer

FELIDA Big Cat Centre was founded on 12 May 2014 after FOUR PAWS International took over an existing big cat rescue centre in Nijeberkoop, called Pantera. Every year FELIDA publishes a year report and a policy plan to provide the public with more insight into our activities and the expenses we have to make to accomplish our goals.

Tigress Sina
© VIER VOETERS | Jeanine Noordermeer



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